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So Yoga…a yogi, yogini has to be
childlike, even if you’re a very special
scholar, inside of you have to be like a
child. That’s the “Yoga Way.”

Yuan Miao

Meet Our Teachers

New Century Foundations teachers have been empowered to teach by Yuan Miao.

Jin Lian Hua (Carry Kim)

Jin Lian Hua (Carry Kim)

Following a longterm pilgrimage through the Himalayan region, in 2003, Jin Lian Hua met her root teacher Yuan Miao, which led her to become a lineageholder of Yoga of Joy. Her life has been a continual exploration of life and death and moving beyond both, via indigenous, shamanic and esoteric wisdom traditions. She has devoted her life to sharing the tools and teachings of holistic healing as a certified Yoga Therapist (Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram), Ayurvedic and Therapeutic Nutrition educator (AYPTI), breathwork facilitator (David Elliott), Shiatsu therapist, and Taoist tonic herbalist. “Return to Nature: An Integrated Cookbook of Raw and Traditional Foods,” documents her work with naturopath Dr. Vincent Medici, and is a compilation of recipes she created for hundreds of private clients.

Most recently, she has immersed herself as a caregiver in elder homecare and hospice, which affords her the opportunity to regularly practice holding “death as the first awareness.” Additionally, she is a co-founder of the community group, Soil Sponge Collective, which promotes the regeneration of degraded lands, restoring ancestral connections, and reviving the Beauty and bounty of Mother Earth.

Jin Lian Hua encourages individuals to live from their Primordial Nature — our innate state of emptiness and joy. May we lead with the Primordial Heart, be of compassionate service, and allow our smile to generate the ultimate transmission. Ya la suo!

Loving Tara (Susan Sattler)

Loving Tara (Susan Sattler)

Susan Sattler had the good fortune to meet Yuan Miao in 2004. She became a lineage holder of the beautiful mudras and mantras from this Vajrayana tradition while using them to fearlessly embrace impermanence and to heal from cancer. She shares this journey in her memoir, The Fearless Way: Mudras, Mantras and Chemo – How Learning to Let Go Saved My Life.

After her recovery, Susan enjoyed developing Universal Wisdom Healing workshops and classes where she had the opportunity to share how these mudras, mantras and The Yoga of Joy can help us experience pure joy.

She is also a practicing psychotherapist, with an M.A. from Stanford University, who has spent 30 years helping people move toward greater wholeness and unity in their lives. As part of helping people heal, she shares mudras, mantras, and Yoga of Joy with her clients. Her work is deeply informed by the wisdom she learned from her beloved teacher, Yuan Miao. A life-long spiritual seeker, Susan was raised with a Christian foundation, later studied with a Lakota Sioux medicine man in her native state of South Dakota, and eventually explored a diverse variety of spiritual traditions, including studying at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in California. Her greatest pleasure is sharing with others the transformational vibration we can experience through mudras and mantras, and Yoga of Joy, with the pure intention to expand joy and alleviate the causes of suffering. For more information, please visit:

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