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DVD & Book

  • The Yoga of Joy - The Wisdom of Body and Mind (DVD & Book, in Chinese)

    The Yoga of Joy – The Wisdom of Body and Mind from the Awakened Spirituality

    喜樂瑜珈 ——靈悟後的身心大智慧

    The Yoga of Joy was revealed to Yuan Miao during her own spiritual awakening. Yoga of Joy is a dynamic system of Yoga and precious gift consisting of various ancient, yogic tools including: mantra, mudra, intention, visualization, breathwork and postures. This system aims to benefit and uplift modern people as they seek to overcome and transcend the numerous challenges which face humanity today. Yoga of Joy positively impacts and helps balance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

    Included in the book are over 40 testimonials from diligent practitioners of Yoga of Joy and those who have received teachings of Joyful Wisdom from Yuan Miao’s lineage. These transformational stories and the numerous ways people’s lives have been indelibly touched, will uplift and inspire you.

    Written in Chinese, this book explains the intent behind and the actual steps of Yoga of Joy in depth. An instructional DVD featuring Dai Dai (Fay Wang) is also included.


    The exer­cises in this book and DVD are not suit­able for everyone. These or any exer­cise programs can potentially result in injury if practiced incorrectly. Please consult your physi­cian prior to engaging any of the practices. The instruc­tions and advice presented herein are in no way intended as a substi­tute for medical coun­seling. The publisher and sponsor of this mate­rial disclaim any liabil­i­ties of loss in connec­tion with the exer­cises and advice herein.

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