High Consciousness Painting, by Yuan Miao — English Edition


A catalogue of over 30 color reproductions of Yuan Miao’s Shakti paintings, with commentary, quotes and stories by Yuan Miao. Yuan Miao’s Shakti paintings are spontaneously created during deep states of meditative absorption and fluidly express her sense of inner freedom and rhythm, capturing both the subtlety and ferocity of the natural world. These paintings are direct manifestations of the unbridled and ecstatic flow of creative energy, known as Shakti.

Combining colorful Asian ink-and-wash brushwork techniques and found materials including shells, feathers, stones and Chinese tea leaves, Yuan Miao’s Shakti paintings balance the receptive, motherly waters of compassion with the dynamic fire of activity and expansion. Through this dance of seeming opposites, of finesse and primal energy, Yuan Miao ecstatically engages the world.

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