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Joyful Power Meditation

Now is the time to empower ourselves joyfully through meditation, which is true power.

We must practice relaxing in meditation, increase our inner strength and capacities, while sustaining deep joy and auspiciousness amidst an increasingly complex and ever-changing world.

Happy Year of the Wood Dragon!

This Year of the Dragon will be energetically significant in the space-time continuum of the cosmos.

The notion "survival of the fittest" will intensify as that which hinders our human evolution will be further dismantled. Fresh, vibrant energy will usher forth to release the remains of stagnancy and mundane ashes.

New Years Concert with Yuan Miao - 100 Syllables Mantra

Recently the Phoenix Rising band reunited for an intimate and impromptu mini-concert in honor of Lunar New Year. Given the unpredictable and tumultous journey 2020 has been for many, the vibrations of healing, deep peace, and pure joy were welcome blessings as we shifted into the rising energy of 2021.

We trust you are abiding with strong faith, empty minds and loving hearts as best as possible during these unpredictable, yet auspicious times! May you remain in joyful, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health no matter what! Keep going!

A long time ago, the Divine Mother proph­e­sied that a time will come when two dragons battle each other for supremacy in the world: the Black Dragon whose nega­tive energy emanates anger, fear, doubt and greed, and the White Dragon whose posi­tive energy emanates faith, courage, wisdom, compas­sion and Pure Love.

It is no secret that I am not young any more. Medical knowledge tells us that people sleep less as they grow older, but I seem to go against the rule somewhat: I sleep for eight to ten hours. The common saying has it that a long night’s sleep brings many dreams, but here too I go against the rule somewhat, because I sleep through many long nights with no dreams. When I do dream, it is of myself “seeing” or “doing” something, and what happens at night will eventually be verified or carried further during waking hours. Thus my dreams are part of my life’s winding road.

To cultivate spiritual awareness, we must Return to Nature and embody Guan Yin energy. By “Returning to Nature” we finally realize that we are Guan Yin and celebrate the Divine within. Life becomes an exercise in simplicity, surrender and ease with both our inner and outer worlds.

Many of us who are exploring a spiritual path want to know, “How do we develop Spiritual Wisdom?” We may read hundreds of books, seek out many teachers, or attend countless retreats and conferences. The information we gather may provide a foundation of intellectual understanding, but it will not result in Spiritual Wisdom.

I was brought into this world by my grandma Yeshe Tsuomu. Not only did she give me the name Yuan Miao (resonant with the alchemy of water), she also instilled in me a strong interest in the intangible power of hair.
Grandma loved to sing songs, but I could not understand the words. After reaching adulthood I realized that her chants included invocations to the Five Taras of the Himalayas, to the river gods of the Yarlung watershed and to the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and void. While Grandma sang her mantric chants, she would amuse herself by braiding my hair.

I grew up in a rural environment (our Agricultural College was like a village). Later I worked for the Central Television programs Homeland Attractions and Man in Nature, which gave me chances to visit spectacular mountains and rivers. Both in Beijing and in America I have lived in prime scenic areas. Although I did not set out to be picky, it was as if I had been “chosen” by those favorable spots to live in pristine surroundings.

In this time, relationships are powerful teachers. By transforming them wisely, we can mutually empower one another. By seeing beyond the basic form and definition of our relationships, as husband and wife, mother and son, friend to friend, we are better equipped to truly see the essence of the Soul.

I also believe each one of us are at different levels, in different positions to see reality — to see the path. To feel different flavors of life. So, we’ve tasted sweet things…beauty, and also many times we’ve tasted bitter things: loneliness, confusion.

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