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We trust you are abiding with strong faith, empty minds and loving hearts as best as possible during these unpredictable, yet auspicious times! May you remain in joyful, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health no matter what! Keep going!

These pandemic times have ushered in countless hidden blessings and also many deep lessons in impermanence. We must be skillful at using illusion to come out of illusion. Receive the message of this time to slow down. Be blessed by this golden opportunity to retreat from the external world, to keenly focus on our inner world instead. Return to Primordial Nature.

When asked by a student whether practicing Yoga of Joy was a form of retreat, Teacher Miao shared that:

"A retreat doesn’t mean that you don’t go 'anywhere.' Some people might stay at home, going nowhere, yet their delusions are flying everywhere! Others may travel to many places, yet their minds remain steadfast and focused on every moment. This is a certain kind of retreat — a"Formless Retreat." — Yuan Miao

Other people may not even realize you are on a “retreat" at all. You might still go out into the world, deal with people, and do whatever you are supposed to do, but within — a deep sense of freedom without clinging and a strong inward focus will be present. This is an intangible retreat, not visible to human eyes.

Modern people are particularly suited to this kind of "Formless Retreat." They can feel "protected," be optimistic, seek inwardly, refrain from pursuing or clinging to fame, and free themselves from the messiness and busyness of external things.

In the end, whatever form of retreat our lives take now, may we hold our faith steadfast and keep our direction. Allow the Dharma boat to continue sailing onward upon the Infinite Ocean of Wisdom. And most of all: don't worry. Be happy!

May you be infinitely blessed in 2021! May the Year of the Metal Ox smile upon you and this precious Blue Planet!

Ya la suo!
Om Mani Padme Hum!

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