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In this time, relationships are powerful teachers. By transforming them wisely, we can mutually empower one another. By seeing beyond the basic form and definition of our relationships, as husband and wife, mother and son, friend to friend, we are better equipped to truly see the essence of the Soul.

When we see the essence of our loves ones, we can better understand what purpose these individuals serve in and for our lives. We can witness the Ancestors standing behind our loved ones, who steadfastly empower, inspire and guide their every action. Recognizing our own Divine role in any relationship propels us beyond mundane matters and provides us keen insight into the deeper meaning behind our intimate interactions with beloved partners, family, and friends.

Relationships are never accidental, but are Divinely orchestrated blessings and transformational opportunities.

May your relationships inspire and kindle your Primordial Heart!

by Yuan Miao

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