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To cultivate spiritual awareness, we must Return to Nature and embody Guan Yin energy. By “Returning to Nature” we finally realize that we are Guan Yin and celebrate the Divine within. Life becomes an exercise in simplicity, surrender and ease with both our inner and outer worlds.

In this era of high technology and a modern lifestyle filled with endless “busyness,” it is imperative to slow down and become aware. To listen. To feel. To notice our own vibrational energy and that of those around us.

Guan Yin beckons us to cultivate openheartedness in order to receive spiritual wisdom and embrace all vibrations without judgment. By losing our “ears” and opening our hearts, we gain in awareness and deepen our connection with the Universe. We become indestructibly peaceful and potentiated with joy.

Through Spiritual Awareness and the teachings of Guan Yin, we surrender to Yin and Yang, darkness and light, good and bad as “one.” In this state, life becomes a journey of pure celebration. 

Spiritual awareness requires a state of non-doing and letting go. The more we try, the more elusive it becomes. At some point, we must release all concepts and “doing,” to truly embody a simple mind, loving heart and smart body. Yuan Miao offers this simple adage, “Big knowledge, small knowing.” When we release our incessant desire to “know,” when we finally stop trying so hard to do “this” and become “that,” we can finally receive from the cosmic energies of the Universe.

Over time, we release attachments to the “form” of our lives and quietly discover the true nature of reality. Emptiness wisdom reveals itself to those patient enough to surrender and wait for it. By creating space within our hearts, it enters silently, without a word, without any fanfare. Beyond all rational knowing lies spiritual awareness, and the formless, universal teachings of Guan Yin.


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