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Many of us who are exploring a spiritual path want to know, “How do we develop Spiritual Wisdom?” We may read hundreds of books, seek out many teachers, or attend countless retreats and conferences. The information we gather may provide a foundation of intellectual understanding, but it will not result in Spiritual Wisdom.

Why not? Because true Spiritual Wisdom is gained through experiences. It comes from being tested in our daily human lives by rough and difficult events, from facing losses and disappointments, sometimes even by losing everything dear to us, and learning to use these experiences as nutrients to develop qualities like compassion and courage and the ability to apply discernment, helping us to see through our illusions.

Spiritual Wisdom comes from a lifetime of learning from the experiences we have when we search inside ourselves, not outside, and begin to reconnect with our perfect essential essence. The infinite wisdom we are seeking is already within. A profound statement I have heard from spiritual Dakini Master, Yuan Miao, is, “I am not a teacher, I am a reminder.” She reminds us that the beautiful Blue Pearl is within us; she says it is our perfect essential nature. The Blue Pearl comes from emptiness – the essence of everything.

One time I heard a student ask Yuan Miao, “What is enlightenment?”

She replied, “Emptiness. Then you have ultimate freedom.”

Spiritual Wisdom comes from the clarity Blue Pearl experiences bring – moments of empty consciousness. If we have a willingness to be altered by these experiences, we may develop an ability to see into the underlying nature of things.

Spiritual Wisdom increases as we practice releasing our limiting physical, emotional and mental habits. As we respond to physical symptoms, manage emotions like anger, sadness, fear and loneliness, and release mental patterns like delusions, pride, suspicion and grasping, we find it easier to connect with the Blue Pearl – our still center where we can, “slip free from the limits of the three-dimensional space in a dualistic world.”

Spiritual Wisdom develops as we “grow out of the limited self into the boundless, infinite Self.” Dakini Master Yuan Miao often says, “You are so much bigger than you think you are.” She urges us to let go of concepts and cultivate direct experiences. This is the life-long path of spiritual transformation, which allows us to develop Spiritual Wisdom along the way.

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