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New Years Concert with Yuan Miao - 100 Syllables Mantra

Recently the Phoenix Rising band reunited for an intimate and impromptu mini-concert in honor of Lunar New Year. Given the unpredictable and tumultous journey 2020 has been for many, the vibrations of healing, deep peace, and pure joy were welcome blessings as we shifted into the rising energy of 2021.

Given the state of the world, Teacher Miao was moved to spontaneously share the profound healing potency of the esoteric 100 Syllable Mantra. Chanting this mantra helps us cleanse negative karmas at a deep level and helps us complete spiritual practices that have been neglected or missed for various reasons. For example, due to the pandemic, we may have missed group practices or lost faith and earnestness in practicing altogether.

May the healing frequencies of this mantra reverberate far and wide, uplift and heal the planet, elevate consciousness within and without, and usher in the Primordial Essence of infinite love and compassion among all beings. May we rekindle the fire of our spiritual practice and complete the Phoenix's rebrith.

The Phoenix is destined to appear upon the horizon soon enough. May we practice the art of surrender and patience until then, and willingly receive necessary lessons of impermanence and great love. May we return to our Divine Home!

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