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Happy Year of the Wood Dragon!

This Year of the Dragon will be energetically significant in the space-time continuum of the cosmos.

The notion "survival of the fittest" will intensify as that which hinders our human evolution will be further dismantled. Fresh, vibrant energy will usher forth to release the remains of stagnancy and mundane ashes.

In the post-pandemic era, human feelings and emotions including: weakness, helplessness, confusion, and hopelessness have become commonplace.

  • How do we break out of these conventional patterns and dense, vibrational experiences?
  • How will we initiate transformation, participate in the great awakening of humankind and potentiate our Phoenix rebirth, personally and collectively?
  • How will we uplift our human lives and spiritual evolution?
  • How will we invoke fearlessness, courage, joyful perseverance, and the innocence of hope to fulfill our life vows?




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