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3 Day Workshop in Xi’an China, November 2013

The first 3‑day workshop in Xi’an, Shanxi, China was held in November and was attended by roughly 200 people from all parts of the country, as well as by individuals from Singapore and Malaysia.

The workshop was conducted in Zhong Nan Mountain, famous as the birthplace of Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching. Zhong Nan Mountain is believed to be the manifestation of the female (mother) energy of the universe.

During the workshop, Teacher Miao talked about the central channel which resides in the middle of our bodies. The central channel consists of three meridians; the right or “Heavenly Water” meridian carries the merits we have accumulated lifetime after lifetime, not only from our own living, but also that which we inherit from our ancestors; the left or Dragon Wind meridian, carries each one’s focus for this lifetime; the middle or the Essence meridian, houses the most auspicious and precious Blue Pearl.

Teacher Miao explained that practicing Yoga of Joy harmonizes our seven chakras and that chanting mantras would specifically strengthen our central or Essence channel, enhancing our ability to resolve difficulties and challenges. Practice of Yoga of Joy allows us to experience abundance and inner peace in our everyday life, directly connect with the precious Blue pearl, and return to the infinite “Source.”

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