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Yuan Miao’s new Painting website at

The Sacred Art of Yuan Miao is now being featured in her new Painting website at  

'The word yoga means "resonance and linkage." In drinking tea, when you really begin to appreciate its flavor, that means you are in resonance with the tea; when you begin to taste the “Tao” in tea, it means that through it your spirit links up with the natural world.Being born as human beings, we can naturally breathe, we can naturally smile, our bodies can naturally move about, and our mouths can naturally emit sound. But can we naturally paint a painting? Can we let our lives be filled with creativity and beauty?

Painting is yet another form in which we show our interest in nature, our curiosity about life! A spiritual state that lacks curiosity and fascination is senescence. A child’s vitality and exuberance comes from his curiosity and interest in things. Practicing yoga of the heart is a matter of practicing innocent authenticity: it is a rejuvenating elixir!

Now I would like to give a self-evaluation:

I am a free color scheme outside the circle of painters;
I am a free voice outside the circle of musicians;
I live in the realm of water:
flowing into the eyes I am a painting;
flowing into the ears I am an improvised chant;
flowing into the heart I am love.'

- Yuan Miao

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