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Yuan Miao was interviewed on the Unsung Goddess Radio Show Sept. 17, 2015

Listen to Yuan Miao interviewed by Heidi Amour on Blog Talk Radio 9/17/2015 — in depth spontaneous teachings and blessings.

Teacher Miao discusses Kundalini and Shakti energy and how best to receive empowerment from these energies. Miao discusses why modern day people who practice at a superficial level often encounter confusion and negative emotions. Learn how to fulfill your spiritual vow by connecting to Shakti or Phoenix energy with the strength of Vajra Pride.

An excerpt from the interview where Miao discusses the lotus’s guru:

"It’s mud! Right? You’ll never see a lotus growing very healthy, beautifully in clear water. A real lotus, the most beautiful lotus has to have the foundation of mud for…this is the personality or essence of a lotus. The lotus is always humbly bowing down to their guru, which is mud. This is the tantric way. Tantric practice. Not idealistic! Many spiritual practitioners, since they became spiritual practitioners…they got another identity, 'I’m spiritual. I’m a spiritual practitioner.' They go from being materialistic to being idealistic. But, they still have a lot of habits…human habits or human needs about the material world. That’s why they’re confused. When they think something about the material world, they say, 'I’m so greedy! I shouldn’t think about that.' This is another reason for fear. They fear themselves. And that makes them tired. They feel so contradictory. They don’t know how to balance this."
-Yuan Miao

"Join me as I welcome my special guest Master Teacher Yuan Miao, for a lively discussion of Kundalini Shakti and how to awaken our latent, spiritual energy through Yoga of Joy. Hear the wisdom of Miao and what she has to share about cultivating Divine energy, resonating at a high vibrational frequency and fulfilling the true aspiration and purpose of Yoga!

Yuan Miao was born in Main­land China into a family with a rich Chinese and Tibetan spir­i­tual heritage. Her Chinese grand­fa­ther was a Zen master. Her grand­mother, Yeshe Tsuomu, whose name means 'Ocean of Wisdom', was the daughter of a high Tibetan Rinpoche and herself an enlight­ened master deeply connected to the Divine Mother. She named her grand­daughter Yuan Miao –the Source of Infi­nite Water– after receiving a trans­mis­sion from the Divine Mother. She was Miao’s teacher, guide and guardian, passing down to her a precious ancient dakini lineage.

Miao has had a close affinity with the Divine Mother Guanyin since she was three years old, when in a vision, she appeared before Miao as a tradi­tion­ally dressed woman holding a water-filled vase. She conveyed a clear message that she would become a guide for Miao.

Yuan Miao is consid­ered an embod­i­ment of the Divine Mother, a dearly beloved teacher, healer, friend, mother, or sister. Just like her name, the Source of Infi­nite Water, Yuan Miao emanates the infi­nite love from the source of life to embrace, encourage and support everyone who comes into her energy circle."

- Heidi Amour

Listen to the interview

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