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Celebrating LMU Yoga Day with an Introductory Class of Yoga of Joy

We celebrated Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) Yoga Day with an introductory class of Yoga of Joy. Yoga Day was filled with workshops and lectures from various yogic traditions including classical Yoga Therapy, Sanskrit & Sutra studies to modern Acro Yoga.

We were happy to join in on the occasion to share the ancient, “emptiness wisdom” of Yoga of Joy.

Our class was filled to overflowing and unfortunately, due to our capacity, some folks had to be turned away. However, all was not lost as these students patiently sat outside the door, ready to receive Teacher Miao’s mantric voice! That’s good!

Everyone’s spirits were high as Teacher Miao shared the 4 “types” of joy. The first joy, requires that we love ourselves; joy begins within. Secondly, we must love the world and all its manifestations: up, down, good, bad, hard, easy. However, the world appears, we must learn to have a joyful response and attitude toward it! Thirdly, by loving our ancestors, teachers and teachings we solidify our joy. Lastly, there’s the love of emptiness and the ultimate joy of enlightenment!

We practiced several steps of Yoga of Joy, but the highlight was of course, mantra since Teacher Miao truly wanted to transmit esoteric sound healing. Together, we purified ourselves and released stuck energies through a bit of dakini movement combined with Guan Yin’s heart mantra: Om mani padme hum! Then everyone moved into stillness to quietly receive high vibrational frequencies from Teacher Miao’s mantric voice and a few members of her Phoenix Sound Healing team. Christo Pellani, Eddie Young and Vito Gregoli all joined in with bells, frame drums and singing bowls to help support the high energy field.

All in all it was a powerful, packed event with old students, Mainlander students, new students and everything in between! By the end of the brief, 1‑hour class, everyone’s smiles had brightened and our human loads felt infinitely lighter! All students got to experience firsthand the energy of “Ya la suo!”

Celebrate! No matter what…



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