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First Healing Sound Concert in Beijing - Sept. 2014

In mid-September 2014, amidst the beautiful grounds of the five-star Ovation Hotel Resort in Lang Fang, China, Miao and a team of musical artists and sound healers performed two powerful concerts for leaders of prestigious health care communities from different parts of the globe.

This concert was the first of its kind to be shared in China. It was incredible to witness the traditions from the East and West as they were brought together through the magic of music in order to create a safe space for the audience to experience the transformative possibility of sound alchemy.

The team created a vibrant and unique canvas for Miao to share her heart with these audiences. In addition to collaborating with Miao, each team member was invited to bring their own original song offerings as well, which created a vibrant and perfectly harmonious tapestry of musical genres.



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