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Journey to Egypt: The Inner Pursuit - 2019

What are we pursuing? The rich mysteries of ancient Egyptian culture easily arouse our curiosity and desire to “know.”

However, at a recent workshop in Egypt, Teacher Miao advised that the true purpose of the workshop wasn’t to increase our knowledge, but rather to inspire the discovery of our innate relaxation, joy, wisdom, courage, strength, foresight, and simplicity in this unique land imbued with ancient energy.

Everything that occurred during the workshop was inspired by this one theme, whether attendees were sailing on the river Nile full of joy, ease and innocence; praying earnestly for courage and inner strength in the Temple of Darkness amidst the glow of moonlight before dawn; walking among the deep silence of stars into dimly lit, underground royal tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs in the Valley of Kings to contemplate life and death; entering ancient pyramids and reflecting on the continuance and eternal nature of life as the magnificent, golden sun softly rose; riding camels on shifting sands to develop spiritual diligence and insight; quieting our minds and listening to the ancient calling echoing in our Primordial Heart among throngs of boisterous tourists, while the infamous, all-knowing Sphinx remained steadfast behind us.

When the ancient wisdom of joy originating from the Himalayan Plateau, and embodied by Teacher Miao, encountered the ancient Egyptian civilization still thriving in numerous, majestic pyramids and temples, it was like two great, old friends meeting…two who have known each other since time immemorial, at once symbolizing the great journey of inner, spiritual pursuit that exists beyond words, and that can only be revealed by uncovering hidden treasures within us.


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